Like an ancient temple, this is a place of worship.

Here we adore beauty, comfort, sumptuousness and competent manufacturing, and we make it your home.


Our Tempio, meaning temple, has a soul, and it is Italian through and through. It speaks of good taste, refinement, creativity, and the wisdom of industrious hands that over the centuries have known how to create world-renowned objects of art and expressions of architecture that stand the test of time, season and fashion.


Today these same skills nourish the work and research of professionals, businesses and artisans at the forefront who launch trends and define the global state-of-the-art in furniture, interior design and living design. In this way solutions take shape that marry maximum practical functionality with beauty, attention to detail, finished and accurate manufacturing, and the finest materials. This is the essence of the most exclusive and prestigious products that are ‘Made in Italy’.


This is the heritage that Tempio now offers, in its luxurious and varied entirety.


A series of carefully selected Italian partners able to work in a team or individually, on large projects such as limited interventions, to ensure the ultimate in terms of design, consulting, construction – also custom-made – and finishing for the interior and exterior furnishing of hotels, resorts, luxurious villas and homes, gardens, showrooms, shopping centres, spas, wellness centres and parks.


Immerse yourself with the most exquisite, authentically Italian-made turnkey projects.


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